The Planning of Emergency Seed Supply for Afghanistan in 2002 and Beyond
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2.1 - Cultivar Selection Process
2.2 - Recommendations regarding UXO
2.3 - The risks associated with an over-emphasis on modern variety seed
2.4 - Hypothetical Seed Aid Needs in 2002

2.2 - Recommendations regarding UXO

The senior authoršs experience in delivering emergency seed aid to Cambodia and to northern Ethiopia led to some principles regarding delivery of emergency seed aid in post-conflict, war-impacted, resource-challenged situations:

  • Try to prevent seed aid from creating exposure to new risks for recipients. Seek the declassification of information regarding the location and types of UXO thought to be in agricultural areas, and promote the mapping, demarcation, and related public awareness training for all UXO-contaminated areas in or near these areas.
  • In UXO-contaminated zones, insist that the donor community finance and certify successful demining and removal of all UXO prior to release of seed aid for use on UXO-contaminated fields.
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