The Planning of Emergency Seed Supply for Afghanistan in 2002 and Beyond
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Comments and Co-authors sought

Various appendices and reference materials not included in the e-mail version are located at the web site as is a "discussion board" where readers and leave comments. If you provide additional text for the paper please e-mail it to the author's e-mail addresses below. This 18 January version of the paper is being circulated by e-mail to various persons covering a wide range of expertise including the areas of agriculture, climate forecasting, mapping/GIS, and emergency relief operations.

Anyone with relevant expertise is invited to comment on and edit this draft as well as submit additional material for inclusion in expanded versions this paper. Edits to this MS Word document should ideally be done by going to "Tools/Track Changes" on the MS Word command bar and then clicking on "Highlight Changes" and then checking the "track changes while editing" box in MS Word 2000 (similar commands in other versions).

Thanks already to the numerous individuals in various countries who have already shared expertise and advice by e-mail and telephone. Thanks also for pro bono research assistance to graduate students Amanda Luongo and Frank Kutka in Cornell University's Department of Plant Breeding, and to graduate student, Siddarth Krishnaswamy, International Agriculture Program, Cornell.

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